Cuban Treefrog

My friend Luis Cañedo, Research Scientist with Audubon Society in Tavernier, Florida, spotted a Cuban Treefrog in a location where it would be easy to photograph.  Later, I did little background research on-line through the University of Florida and found the Cuban Treefrog is an invasive exotic which takes over almost any place it inhabits. You can read the material at for the full story and to my surprise, how best to euthanize this particular treefrog.

5 responses to “Cuban Treefrog

  1. How come all the invasives look so damn good. Oh well, looks can kill.
    Great photos !!!!

  2. Amazing pictures! I had no idea these little guys were such pests. The article you linked to gave some great information. Love to learn everyday. Thanks Pete.

  3. Fletcher Forbes

    Nice! I love the green reflection on his chin. What lens did you use?

  4. Most but not all of the macro material is taken with the Canon EF100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM lens. Lighting and the DOF preview are critical in creating images like this.

  5. Hello Pete;
    Wonderful photos and I enjoyed the link to the article. If I leave a bowl of rice and black beans out on the back porch, will they stop eating the other natives? Seriously , there is so much beauty around us here in the Keys that I am gratefuyl for everyday that I am priveldged enough to live in such a grat location with such a diverse array of wildlife both above and below the surface! Thank you for capturing it with the camera and sharing your perspectives.

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