North Key Largo Missile Site Today

Nelson Sanchez and his wife Rosa took a few friends through a portion of the long ago decommissioned North Key Largo Missile Site on SR905.  The Battery B Nike site was operational in June 1965 and closed in June 1979.  The images below show the long since used radar control room, support towers for the radar domes that looked like golf balls, barracks, shower facilities and generator rooms.  The Key Largo HM40 Nike Hercules site is now under control of the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park.

Some of the images were taken using the High Dynamic Range technique with a little artistic license from me.  My thanks to Nelson for his workshop and to the information provided by him from historian Jerry Wilkinson.

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2 responses to “North Key Largo Missile Site Today

  1. Robert Tully

    I served there as radar maintenance, 24Q20 Nike Herc FC Mech 1968-1969. It was most difficult at times dealing with the elements and keeping the equipment up and operating. I climbed those 60 foot towers many times. My unit fired one practice Nike at White Sands. I have many pictures of the facility and life as it was during that time period. I wonder what path my fellow soliders have taken in life, now some 44 years later.

    • Robert, nice to hear from you. My blog for some reason did not give me notice of you comment and I’ve been very late in checking it out. Glad you enjoyed the images. Obviously you have a story or two and I’m sure a few of us or at least those who were shooting with me would enjoy hearing. Thanks again.

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