Overcast and Drab Turned Around

I met with Gina and Nick late last week.  They had flown into the Florida Keys for a friends wedding and wanted to create their own engagement photos while in Key Largo.  The weather was overcast and generally yucky do to tropical storm Debby.  If you’ve ever wondered why you see photographers using flash during the day time these samples will illustrate why.  The first image in the sequence below shows just how drab it was. The images that follow were created the same way (aperture priority) but with fill flash.  Ambient light provided the overall exposure for the image and the flash filled in the scene with enough light to bring up the colors and detail.  The results are considerably different.  In those images where the fill seems to be coming from a different angle it is — the flash was moved off camera.   The side lighting on the dock used the flash off to the right side, below and about 5 feet from the camera.  The Royal Poinciana was done with fill flash coming up from the bottom at arms length left of the camera.  So the next time you think the drab scene will ruin the photo opportunity, turn on the flash and use it to fill in a little extra light, and to vary the result a bit more, move the flash off camera and turn the power of the flash up or down to change the result.


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