Macro (those little things we tend to skip over)

In today’s mad, mad world, in our rush to “git ‘er done” it’s easy to miss the little things in life, to just walk on by and not take drink in the moment with our nose, our eyes, our ears. Fresh Tangelo blooms sweet and pungent are almost hypnotic. Almost as hypnotic are the ants scurrying around to get to the sweetness exuded by aphids on the Tangelo tree. This symbiotic relationship works well. The ants protect the aphids as long as the aphids feed the ants. The ants return the favor by keeping other bugs from eating the aphids. The purple and golden-yellow of a tulip bloom is delicate in its freshness, a soft breeze can easily take the pollen airborne, as allergy sufferers know all too well. The yellow pansy waking up in springtime dazzles are eye. It would seem a shame just to walk on by and miss all of this.


One response to “Macro (those little things we tend to skip over)

  1. Great site, Pete. I look forward to meeting you Sat. afternoon.

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