The Matecumbe Studio Gallery

The Matecumbe Studio Gallery hosts fine art from an eclectic array of original oils, pottery and jewelry by established and emerging artists.  These works, inspired by the Florida Keys to Paris to The Civil War are available for viewing and purchase daily at the gallery.  Morada Way Arts and Cultural District, 140 Morada Way, Islamorada, Florida, 33036, 305-879-2710.

Are you still looking for a holiday gift?  Stop in browse the art pieces, meet an artist, finish your shopping with us.


The Morada Way Arts and Culture District and The Moorings Village welcome Clyde Butcher, Thursday, December 15, 2011.  For specific details of the event click here.

More HDR on Florida Bay

I recently put another series of images together to produce a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image taken of Florida Bay from the end of Indian Mound Trail, Plantation Key, Islamorada, Florida.  To see the image click here.

Butterflies and a Gouldian Finch

During a recent trip to Key West Florida, I toured the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory on Duval Street.  After many still shots I switched my camera to movie mode and filmed a few butterfly subjects and the hungry Gouldian Finch pictured here.  The full slide show is here.

From the Butterfly Garden, Key West, Florida

Gouldian Finch at the Butterfly Garden Key West


HDR A Different Look

Around our islands these past two weeks or so. The images say it all so check the slide show.

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Aerials over Founder’s Park & Florida Bay

February 26, 2011, the venue, in the air over Founder’s Park, Islamorada, Florida—below, the famous Upper Keys Rotary Club Gigantic Nautical Flea Market. The pilot Brett Ekblom; the plane, a little yellow fabric Piper Cub; the gear, Canon EOS 7D, 28-135 IS lens, polarizing filter AND great weather. Founder’s Park is a short flight from Tavernaero grass strip, a few minutes even in the very slow Cub. We flew a few box patterns around the park shooting aerials of the crowds at the Gigantic Nautical Flea Market. As we turned to return to the grass strip Brett spotted a friend of his in his back country flats boat. He was out with his children for a fun day on Florida Bay. We dropped down, came along side and took a few passing shots returning a few minutes later to Tavernaero grass strip.

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“Wild” Formation Flight

Nest Key, Key Largo, Florida. During a short trip to the Florida Bay back country with friends of mine we came across a flock of white pelicans. Regardless of how we approached they always maintained their predetermined safe distance not allowing us to come too close. As we encroached on that imaginary boundary line, they took off into the wind and then began a gentle turn west circling to come back to where they had just lifted off from. Using a Canon EOS 7D with 28/135 IS lens at an ISO of 200,  continuous shooting (8 frames per second) and auto tracking turned on I captured the photos below.

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