“Wild” Formation Flight

Nest Key, Key Largo, Florida. During a short trip to the Florida Bay back country with friends of mine we came across a flock of white pelicans. Regardless of how we approached they always maintained their predetermined safe distance not allowing us to come too close. As we encroached on that imaginary boundary line, they took off into the wind and then began a gentle turn west circling to come back to where they had just lifted off from. Using a Canon EOS 7D with 28/135 IS lens at an ISO of 200,  continuous shooting (8 frames per second) and auto tracking turned on I captured the photos below.

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Arlington County Virginia

On a recent trip to northern Virginia for Thanksgiving with my family I had the opportunity to visit three small parks in Arlington County. They were Bon Air  Park, Four Mile Run Park, with Four Mile Run running through it and Lubber Run Park with the smaller Lubber Run creek meandering through the grounds. The weather was cool, mid 40s, with overcast skies. These conditions make for slow shutter speeds and image stabilized lenses. What follows are a few images from this trip.

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Caribbean Resort, Islamorada

One of the best kept secrets in Islamorada, sport fishing capital of the world, is a small hotel and vacation rental property called Caribbean Resort. I stopped in the other day to speak with the owner Phil Sena. After our conversation I walked around the property for a few minutes and created the images presented here.

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Aerial Photography, ‘The Last Resort’, Islamorada, Florida

A recent aerial assignment took me to the air again with pilot and friend Henry Pinder. I met Henry at Tavernaero, a grass strip on Plantation Key. We took the door off of the C182 and flew 15 miles south down to Lower Matecumbe Key. Once on-station we flew squares around the subject property, ‘The Last Resort’ until I was satisfied the images covered the assignment. The owner of the resort, Greg Feeley, needed new aerial photos for his website. Actually, there’s a fascinating story about ‘The Last Resort’, who named it and why and it all involves Cyrus Eaton, his wife Anne Eaton, this house (see photos) and the 1935 ‘Labor Day’ hurricane that destroyed Islamorada. You can read more of the history of the little “conch” house and the storms she endured on the website.

Key Largo Cobalt Blue & White Meets Art Deco

In this simple photograph of the canal side of a residence on Key Largo, Florida, the Cobalt Blue and stark White is transformed into the Art Deco look on the iPad.

Residential Cobalt Blue

Art Deco

Snowy Egret

In Islamorada, at mile marker 81.5 bay side is Islamorada Fish Company (IFC), a purveyor of fresh seafood.  IFC also supplies the fish and seafood delicacies for the Islamorada Fish Company restaurant and the Zane Grey Lounge on the second floor veranda overlooking Florida Bay. All three are part of the World Wide Sportsman complex in Islamorada. During a brief walk behind the fish market I spotted a Snowy Egret. The egret was quite comfortable posing, allowing me to get a little closer after each shot. At one point another photographer got too close and spooked the bird and the egret changed positions, but didn’t fly off to the backcountry. I continued shooting for a few minutes and ended up with the images seen below.

Cuban Treefrog

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Washington National

On a recent spring break visit to Washington, D.C., I saw the airport tower and rooftop of the main terminal building of Washington National Airport from a rooftop parking lot nearby. Under a cloudless sky the curving design elements were clearly visible. At least on this day, the normal mundane skyline image of simple rectangles and boxes is something graceful and artistic. Nice change, nice view, nice memories.

Washington National Airport Tower on a cloudless spring day

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, Christ Church

During a spring break to Virginia I walked around Old Town Alexandria and enjoyed a tour of Christ Church of Alexandria. The church is one of the oldest in the country. According to the web site for the church the church was designed by James Wren in the colonial Georgian style. John Carlyle completed the church in 1773. In the 1700s parishioners bought their pews as did George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Later many U.S. Presidents worshipped there.

Of cherry blossoms, rowing sculls, and springtime things . . .

Cherry Blossom Cluster on the Tidal Basin

Footpath Bloom

Springtime in Washington D.C. or wow, where did all these people come from. Some of those who ventured out this week in the beautiful weather were obviously Washingtonians who previously had been cooped up with the blahs from freezing temperatures, overcast skies and bitter wind. This situation compounded by knee-high snow and drifts deep enough to swallow young children.  The reward for this weather incarceration was the springtime blooms of cherry blossoms, daffodils, tulips, green grass poking up from brown patches, temperature in the high 70s and Georgetown University sculling crews on the Potomac practicing for the races with the Pentagon as a backdrop. Thousands of photographers walked around the tidal basin photographing everything and everybody. Small weddings were happening every way you turned. Bicyclist were all over in every shape, size and gender, on race bikes, mountain bikes, and little tyke bikes. Joggers, runners and walkers were out as well. It’s a great time of year.