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Of cherry blossoms, rowing sculls, and springtime things . . .

Cherry Blossom Cluster on the Tidal Basin

Footpath Bloom

Springtime in Washington D.C. or wow, where did all these people come from. Some of those who ventured out this week in the beautiful weather were obviously Washingtonians who previously had been cooped up with the blahs from freezing temperatures, overcast skies and bitter wind. This situation compounded by knee-high snow and drifts deep enough to swallow young children.  The reward for this weather incarceration was the springtime blooms of cherry blossoms, daffodils, tulips, green grass poking up from brown patches, temperature in the high 70s and Georgetown University sculling crews on the Potomac practicing for the races with the Pentagon as a backdrop. Thousands of photographers walked around the tidal basin photographing everything and everybody. Small weddings were happening every way you turned. Bicyclist were all over in every shape, size and gender, on race bikes, mountain bikes, and little tyke bikes. Joggers, runners and walkers were out as well. It’s a great time of year.