Summerland Key

On a visit to a writer friend of mine on Summerland Key I stumbled across this 1973 boat house. Boat houses in the Florida Keys are not new but this design was interesting and a little different. Common boat houses are built over a cutout basin and contain some sort of lift inside. This cable lift was a geometric configuration built over the canal with an “I” beam used as the rail to move the hoisted boat to the boat house. Double doors on both ends of the boat house made it easy to move the boat once on a trailer out to the street. The “I” beam lift could also be used to move large fish boxes from the boat to a waiting trailer. The iced-down fish could then be driven to a local fish monger for sale.

Not too far away, just on the north side of US-1, at MM25, is The Wharf Restaurant and Bar, a great place for lunch. You can sit on the canal and watch the lobster boats coming and going as you enjoy your repast and the company of good friends. A fish “Po Boy”, coleslaw, veggie chips and club soda with lime is around $15.00.

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